Over the last few years, we have been installing more and more of these

dog showers in people's homes.  We have been asked many times,  why would someone put a dog shower in their home?  The answers are - What do you do

with a dog that has been rolling around in the mud or worse, sprayed by a skunk? 

How do you transport them in your car to a groomer? You may be able to clean

up the mud, but skunk oil will penetrate your upholstery and is pretty much impossible to remove off of fabrics and carpets. 

It is one of the foulest odors known to man (and to dogs too!)  

 These showers keep Man's Best Friend from running through the house covered

in skunk oil or mud.  The majority of the dog showers we build are in home 

basements or garages and in some cases, laundry rooms and very large bathrooms.  The shower can be built either even with the floor or elevated so

you do not have to bend over to wash your dog which causes stress to your body.

 Glass doors are installed so that when your dog shakes, the soap, hair and dirt

is kept inside the shower and not all over you, your shower curtain or walls.  

Inside the showers we install shelves or racks to hold soaps and other

grooming products.  We also install a built-in tie-down.  If you have a dog

who gets overly excited taking a bath, they can be secured to the tie-down

for their safety and yours.  It also keeps those escape artists from running 

through the house shaking water and soap everywhere!

 We also install river rock for the shower floors. This way your dog doesn't slip

on tile which can be very slippery.  Lastly, the adjustable shower wand is ideal for not only washing and rinsing your pet from every angle, it also aids in

the clean up process! Clean dog! Clean dog shower!

The beautiful Golden Retriever featured on this page is

the one and only Mia Hood!  Mia is 5 years old and employed by both Hood Remodeling and Hood Custom Home Design.  Mia is an excellent employee and has a perfect attendance record.  Mia is well known by both

our customers and vendors alike.  Want to know more about Mia? Visit her on Facebook! You can also learn

more about Mia here on our website.

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The Dog Shower...

 Ten Reasons Why You Need A Dog Shower

  • It removes dirt and odor.
  • Your dog went swimming in a puddle of mud.
  • It saves time and money.
  • It helps with shedding and helps maintain a beautiful coat.
  • Helps with allergies (yours and theirs!)
  • Creates a stronger bond with you and your pet.
  • Let's you monitor your pet's physical health.
  • Less emotional stress for your pet.
  • Saves your back and knees from having to kneel over a traditional tub.
  • Your dog made "friends" with a pretty black and white kitty.

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