114 Long Pond Road - Unit #2

Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel: 508-747-4153

Email: buildit@hoodremodelinginc.com

Window seats with

built-in storage. 


Cabinets, shelves, drawers...we do it all!

"Whatever good things we build

end up building us."

    Jim Rohn

We even build it on the beach...

​​​​​"Lockers" --- are just not for      gyms and professional

sports teams! 

Have kids? Easy!

Shelves up on top for hats

and gloves. Hooks to hang      jackets and backpacks.

Bench seats lift up to store

boots, shoes, and all of your

kids sporting goods.

This is also a great idea for

big kids (adults) too!

Come in the door and hang up   your coat, keys, briefcase, etc.

What a way to organize!

Have an idea?

We will customize it to

fit your needs!