114 Long Pond Road - Unit #2

Plymouth, MA 02360



 Hello and welcome to my page!  My name is Mia (pronounced MY-AH) Hood. 

I am a Golden Retriever and I am 5 years old.  I work for Hood Remodeling and

Hood Custom Home Design.  ​Devin Hood is my owner, but the BOSS is my grandfather, Kevin Hood.

I am one of the first employees to arrive at the shop every day and I have a perfect attendance record.​  I spend most of my day at our showroom greeting customers

and keeping an eye on the place.  Once in a while I'll hang out with gramps and

do some paperwork.  

Lunch is my favorite time of day because that's when I "cruise" the break room

and stare at everybody just long enough until someone sneaks me some food.

(shhh... don't tell Devin!)

My main job is customer relations.  Every year I participate in the Plymouth Fourth of

July Parade.  I love when the people are yelling my name!  I am also very much involved

with community service such as donating turkeys to the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless.

Last year, Gramps let me host two dog photo contests. One for the Fourth of July (parade was canceled because of COVID!) and the other for Halloween (again canceled because of COVID!)  Myself, along with the crew and Gramps picked the dogs we liked the best and gave them prizes!  It was LOTS OF FUN!  I will talk Gramps in to letting me do it again.

Strike a pose! I am also a part-time model.  I am the model for the dog shower listed on our website.  I love the water! I love taking baths!  Click the button below​ to see me showering (don't worry, I'm not naked!) 

And speaking of water...one of my favorite things to do is swim! I also like riding shotgun in Devin's truck.  Especially when we go to the lumber yards.  I know everybody and everybody knows me. I just love people! ​ If you happen to be on Facebook, please friend request me! Click the button to find me!  

Mia's Page

My Auntie Kylie.

She's the Office Manager

at work and just wonderful!  She's the one who does payroll so I am super nice

to her at all times!

I don't p**p where I eat! 

The paperwork never ends for me! 

The BOSS Kevin! My Grandpa!

He lets me drive sometimes! 

My BFF Devin! He is a great Carpenter!

I taught him everything I know!